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Aged 35
Id 6173
I am a kind and intelligent person, who likes life and children. I'm a professional person as well, I enjoy my job which helps people to become happier! My hobbies are swimming, aerobics, lawn...
Aged 31
Id 60092
I'm a kind-hearted, soft, feminine and purposeful girl. I like travel, theatres and doing sports. I'm a family-oriented person and it's the priority for me for now.
Aged 48
Id 3946
I'm a honest, decent, responsible and self-confident Lady. I have a good sense of humor, it's easy to make me laugh. I have a sweet tooth! I lead an active life and I like to travel very much. I...
Aged 50
Id 10234
I'm living in Germany, but I come from Rostov. I am an active, fun-loving, sporty woman. I like theater and literature. I dream about warm, sensitive, sincere relationship.
Aged 30
Id 10637
I am an easy-going, understanding and family oriented girl. I like home coziness. In relations I am giving and loving. I am a peaceful lady and it is easy for me to make new friends. I like to get...
Aged 35
Id 1187
I am a a kind, positive, romantic person. I love sports, fitness, theatre, cinema.
Aged 32
Id 60058
I like singing, dances, walks, travel and cycling. I always try to be an optimist, be active, cheerful. I like everything new. I'm sociable and it's easy for me to meet new people and adjust to...
Aged 25
Id 5666
I am a kind, open, sincere, a bit naïve girl. I love sports and all kinds of dance. I lead an active way of life, love socializing, love noisy companies, but sometimes I enjoy silence and spend...
Aged 24
Id 5637
I am an open and positive person. I'm a king and romantic person, I like dolls, flowers, etc.), biking and swimming. I love to read. I love children. I have been happily working with children...
Aged 43
Id 60012
I'm a kind, active, home and child-loving, reliable person. I'm fond of theatre, contemporary arts, traveling, learning the languages etc. I have been abroad and lived in London and the USA for...
Aged 44
Id 3945
I'm an affectionate, friendly, sociable, cheerful woman. I consider myself a calm person, I do not like extreme things. But at the same time I am versatile, easy going person, I love everything...
Aged 46
Id 60071
I am a positive, kind, Loyal, healthy, sensitive and responsive person. I love animals. I love to travel, learn something new about the culture of different people. I'm flexible to move to any...
Aged 43
Id 10569
I have a lot of interests. I like Arts, music, I love going to exhibitions and theatres. I am in sports, I practice yoga and meditation. I like going out travel, walking outdoors and learning new...
Aged 44
Id 10833
I love and appreciate life. I am an open-minded, intelligent, energetic, positive, optimistic and fun-loving lady. In everyday life I am an active, purposeful, cheerful, sporty and creative person...
Aged 33
Id 10560
I am a feminine, loving, affectionate, positive, easy-going, sensitive and intelligent lady. I lead an active lifestyle so I like to try new things. I am sociable and flexible and I am fast to make...
Aged 20
Id 10579
I was a professional sportsperson in the past, that’s why now I prefer active way of life now. I like to travel and to discover something new for me. I love to take care of people, that’s why...
Aged 38
Id 2566
I love life and enjoy it. I love my job and my children. Passionate about France, especially Provence region of southern France, the French language and culture. Interested in psychology...
Aged 42
Id 10606
I lead a healthy life-style. I love life and try to enjoy it to the fullest. In I relations I am loving, tender, honest and sexy. My friends also say, that I am a trustworthy lady with a good sense...
Aged 34
Id 10544
I am loving, romantic, passionate and sensual. I am an intelligent, sincere, kind-hearted, sympathetic, decent, responsible, open and cheerful lady. I want very much to meet my right man for...
Aged 40
Id 5812
I am an active, positive, curious person. In my free time I like improving my photography skills, I read a lot, I do yoga. I adore travelling, cooking new dishes, spending time with my Yorkshire...


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