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Wir sind derzeit im Prozess der Organisation eine Hochzeit in St-Petersburg zwischen einem britischen Mann und eine russische Frau.
Unser VIP-Kunde aus Süd-England in seinen 70ern heiratet dieses Jahr eine VIP-Kundin von uns ihren 40ern. Wir sind fleißig beschäftigt mit der Organisation der Hochzeit, die im Oktober in St-Petersburg statt findet. Wir organisieren viele Hochzeiten in St-Petersburg und besuchen sie natürlich auch. Wir freuen uns auf die Feier und vielleicht ein Glas (oder zwei) Sekt))


Weißrussland's President Alexander Lukaschenko hat ein Dekret Nr. 8 unterschrieben. Es ist die Einführung einer Visum-freien Ein- und Ausreise für ausländische Bürger.
Das Dokument führt eine Visa-freie Einreise über den Minsk National Flughafen und den Aufenthalt in Weißrussland für bis zu 5 Tage (4 Nächte, 5 Tage).
Der Aufenthalt ist für die Bürger von 80 Staaten (klicken Sie hier um die Liste der Länder zu sehen). Die Besucher müssen Weißrussland auch über den Minsk National Flughafen wieder verlassen. Das erlaubt damit unseren Mitgliedern Weißrussland ohne Bürokratie zu besuchen.


Wir sind fast fertig mit unserer neuen Deutschen Web-site, die hilft dann Deutschen Kunden unserer Seite zu verstehen. Wir hoffen die Deutsche Version geht Ende Juli online.
Anna ist unsere neue Kollegin in Deutschland. Sie hat sehr viel an der neuen Seite gearbeitet.

NEUE HappyCoupleMatch-SEITE IST DA

Wir haben die letzten Monate an unserer Seite gearbeitet und jetzt könnt ihr das neue Aussehen der Seite betrachten. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem neuen Design, und hoffen, dass es unseren Kunden auch gut gefällt. Wir bedanken Vladimir, Pavel und Svetlana von „Openstart“ für ihre Arbeit.


Herr R. aus Yorkshire ist jetzt in St.-Petersburg. Unser Team begrüßt ihn herzlich. Er hat eine sehr schöne Zeit dort, das Wetter ist auch super. Er trifft 5 Frauen in dieser Zeit. Er hat viel Spaß, genießt leckere Essen und Wein und die nette Gesellschaft.


Natasha has been the Director of HCM - Russia for many years. With all her hard work and little time for relaxing we decided to celebrate in style here in St. Petersburg so we reserved a table at "Jamie's Italian" in Konushanaya Street. The weather was great, the atmosphere was fantastic and the food was what you would expect in a Jamie Oliver restaurant. We had a great night. Happy Birthday Natasha!


Eric from London had a fantastic time in Dnepropetrovsk and took the time to write some words as an inspiration to others to do the same......

"Dear Julia and HCM team,.........I would like to thank you for the great service provided when I was in Dnepropetrovsk. I had great time meeting the girls. People are so friendly in Dnepropetrovsk. So, for any guy out there, looking for love I’d recommend using the service of HCM.......This was my first time in DNK, but I will definitely visit it again. I indeed met great people! Once again, than you Julia and Polina, a very professional and enjoyable service!"

Eric from London

April 2016


Hearty congratulations to our dear S. - (a lady from Kharkov) and O. - ( a gentleman from Norway) who celebrated their first wedding anniversary last Sunday!


"To anyone thinking of going to Riga the advice is in one word : GO!

Mark and Natasha arrange everything, from airport parking, flight, meet and greet at Riga airport, hotel and of course introductions in Latvia to some amazing ladies. And remember no visa required and the currency is the Euro.

I am just over seventy and thought, little hope. How wrong I was! Their utterly superb agent there is the lovely Alyona who looks after everything, advice, introductions, bars and restaurants (the old town is fantastic) even sightseeing if required. She also actually printed for me my boarding pass in the hotel for the return.

I cannot recommend 'Happy Couple' highly enough for their personal service. Every client is a friend to them. Just go for it."

A Dorset Gentleman, 23.11.2015


We are happy to announce that our lady-client in her late 40's from Kharkov (the Ukraine) and a gentleman from Oslo (Norway) in his early 60's were happily married on the 17th April, 2015 in Kharkov. We wish them all the happiness!

It's the third marriage with our agency since the beginning of 2015 and we are very proud and happy to share our success!

"Hello, dear Natasha and Mark! We are forwarding our wedding photos to you but just for your personal looks at them. We are sorry, but we would like to keep them confidential, private and out of public. We find it right because it's our private and personal life and memories, we put too much work in this relationship and value it a lot....... Thank you again......Best regards,"

S. and O.



"Riga in Latvia may not be your first choice to be the place of dreams but boy am I glad I went there with 'Happy Couple Match'. It was all absolutely effortless. Just over two hours flight, no visa and Euro currency. All professionally arranged by Mark in England and he was always available for any flight or hotel query which was quickly sorted.

The lovely Alona met me at the airport and after a twenty minute drive into the city centre saw me into my beautiful Raddison Blu hotel. Almost everyone speaks excellent English."


Our client from the UK has just returned from his trip to St.Petersburg and kindly shared these lines. We will be very glad if they help those who are sceptical and hesitant to travel to change their mind and take the opportunity to change their life

"My trip to St Petersburg was one of the best experiences I've had! Nightlife was vibrant, the people were friendly and the service was outstanding! Thanks to Natasha and Mark I also had the chance to meet the love of my life."

Nicholas from West Yorkshire, the UK.


We are happy to inform our clients about one more couple matched - a girl from St. Petersburg and a man from Luxembourg. in thier 30s - have finally decided to be together after 2 years of communication!

We wish them all the happiness!

"Hello Natasha, ..........Nearly 2 years ago I meet Irina by your agency and fews weeks after this first meeting we started a relation. It is been several month I wanted to write you, but it is better late than never...So this is just to thanks you for all your great job. And specialy my gratitude for your advices, as it was you who suggested me to meet her. I wish you the best for the future."




The year has just started and we already have another happy couple matched! Our hearty congratulations to Galina and Francois, who got married on the 17th January 2015. We wish them both loads of happiness and lots of love!

They kindly shared some pictures and some words of gratitude which we have published on our success page. We welcome all of those who are not our members yet to join us and we will try to change your life together and may be you will be among these happy people...  


We are happy to begin the New Year with the announcement of  a wedding of our lady from St. Petersburg in her 40's and a gentleman from Cholet (France) in his early 50's. The wedding will take place on January, 17th in France. We wish this beautiful loving couple all the love and happiness and hope that you join to our hearty congratulations. 


 We are having that great time of year when we make New Year’s resolutions!

We all wish to start with new ideas, to change something in our live and  make it happier and brighter. It can be creating new ventures ahead, new job, an unforgettable holiday or looking for someone special. During Christmas and New Year festivities, online dating is on the up with people surfing through the internet in search of the person of their dreams.

Our HappyCoupleMatch Agency is having many enquiries from people who do not want to try the internet due to not trusting it and want to meet someone who is genuine and the photograph match their description. We meet our clients personally and talk to them and give them the encouragement to step ahead with their lives.

Who knows, 2015 could be the year of great changes in your life!


We have just heard great news from another 'Happy-Couple"  -  One of our VIP members from Devon, the UK and a Russian lady living in France have made the great decision to get married in February  2015. .........and what delighted our St. Petersburg office more than anything is that  they have not only invited us to the wedding but have also asked us to arrange their wedding ceremony in our fantastic city!

It will be our pleasure, we must assure you, dear friends! We send them our hearty congratulations!


I have just returned from my second trip to St. Petersburg and again it was superb. Everything handled so smoothly by Mark and Natasha, from flights, visa, hotel, transfers, all without hassle. For those guys a little hesitant I can assure you that you will not regret going. Not only did I meet some wonderful ladies but included some fascinating sightseeing and went to some lovely bars and restaurants. My hotel was in an old palace and smack bang centre. On top of all that there is a great rate of exchange at present. The total cost was not much different from a good holiday anywhere. Do not be put off by age either. I am 70 and met some gorgeous ladies from mid forties! The only things to remember are to have exemplary manners and dress fairly smartly to compliment the ladies as they will undoubtedly appreciate it!

You will be sorry if you do not take the plunge, so go for it!

An average guy from Dorset.


We have just heard from another happy couple who have thanked us for helping them find happiness in a new relationship. The lady from the Ukraine aged in her late 40′s had a difficult time after being widowed.  The gentleman in his late 50’s is from Norway. They met each other for the first time in the lady’s home town. The meeting was planned to last for a week. But, it turned out that they haven’t separated from each other for more than a few days since then.

They are currently staying in the Ukraine or Norway or touring Europe.......We wish them all the happiness in the world!

"Hello Natalia,......We are sending this mail from Budapest, where we spent great week in the Danubius Thermal Hotel (it was such good relaxation) and for this time we rent nice and furnished one bedroom apartment very central located. Europeans call Hungary "Meka for food", and the city food market is full of all kind of foot and fruits, cafe and restaurants are everywhere, portions are very big and food are tasty and very delicious. The weather was good, up to 20 degrees, we got the last good week, today is rain and getting colder. We will forward photo later. … Budapest have a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and we were very happy here...... we may say that Hungarian wine out of any comments!! So good!!

Hello to Mark, have a nice day and we will talk later".

O. and S.


We have had good news already this week, that one of our ladies (in her mid-forties, from St.Petersburg,) who was actively looking for the right man, has met him in Bordeaux France!

The gentleman is a businessman in his early fifties, divorced  and looking to start a new family.  We are happy that this is the start of a wonderful life together and wish them every happiness ahead.

When clients come to us looking for something specific to change their lives, we cannot always promise that we can, but we do promise to pull out all the stops to make something special happen and once again in this particular case it did. A couple who had both been previously married and both with independant children.

We wish them well in this start of a new page in their live. It just goes to show that it's never is too late and with many people embarking on second relationships later in life, it has almost become the norm.


Here is a copy of the letter from Natalia who moved from St. Petersburg to Finland which was received in our office last week informing us of her wedding. We have reproduced it in both languages for the benefit of all our members.


Наталья здравствуйте,....жизнь у меня сложилась с финном... Сейчас живу в Финляндии. С прошлой недели посещаю курсы финского языка, которые продлятся год и три месяца. Если нужна будет небольшая помощь с финским языком обращайтесь. Это будет хорошей тренировкой для меня...... Спасибо вам . Удачи вам в делах и всего хорошего.

Светлана К.

Hello, Natalia,....I’m married to a Finnish man. Now I’m living in Finland. Since last week I’m visiting Finnish language courses. If somebody needs help with the Finnish language  I’m ready to help! It will be good practice for me. Thank you. Good luck in your business and all the best.

Svetlana K


We have just heard from a couple who got engaged in September and about to wed in December. The gentleman is divorced  and in his mid 50′s (UK)  and the lady is in late 40’s (Russian living in France). They are both very excited, planning their big day first in St.Petersburg, Russia and then in England. They thanked HappyCoupleMatch Introduction Agency saying that they would never have met in a real world and they are both so happy.

We wish them a lifetime of happiness together.


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