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Aged 32
Id 60043
I'm a kind and open person (as I see myself). I hope I have good humour, sence of tact, manners. I can drive and like to tour Europe by car. I don't smike, like sports. Cooking is my hobby and arts...
Aged 42
Id 10606
I lead a healthy life-style. I love life and try to enjoy it to the fullest. In I relations I am loving, tender, honest and sexy. My friends also say, that I am a trustworthy lady with a good sense...
Aged 38
Id 60103
I'm a fit in mind and body person, I do what I like in life - my job is my profession as well. It brings me pleasure to help people be fitter and happier in life:) I also enjoy swimming, jogging...
Aged 29
Id 10948
I am a very positive, open, sociable and easy-going person. My friends say I am kind and fun to be around. I love giving positive emotions, making people smile and feel happy. I want very much to...
Aged 45
Id 60102
I consider myself to be a caring, feminine, many-sided person with lots of interests. I speak several languages and it's both my work and hobby now. I adore latin dances and do it regularly. I like...
Aged 33
Id 60065
In relations I appreciate honesty, trust and mutual understanding. I like to lead an active and healthy life. During two years I was living in Germany where I was leading different projects. I...
Aged 35
Id 2528
I am an attarctive, trendy, responsible, sincere, funny, lively person. I like traveling, sports, exibitions, concerts. I know two foreign languages, so it;s no problem for me to learn more or to...
Aged 30
Id 60101
I am a honest, faithful, caring person. I like water annd of water sports - swimming, water skiing ect. I also like travelling, do fitness, movies and taking photos.
Aged 39
Id 10621
My friedns say that I am a kind, pretty, sensitive lady. I have a lot of friends and have good sense of humor. I have a strong personality. I am a trustworthy person as I always keep my promises...
Aged 35
Id 60100
I am a positive, open, caring, child-loving person. I like learning foreign languages, learn more about other countries and cultures, travel. I don't mind to relocate to another country - the...

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